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Dev & Ops Architect

San Francisco, CA
Job Title : Dev & Ops Architect
Location:  San Francisco, CA​.

CMT Level 10 Responsible for leading design and creating a highly efficient, metrics-driven, DevOps working model.
• Work as architect to design and implementing fully automated CI/CD pipelines Programming, SQL, and scripting skills and in Golang/Java, Scripting experience in Perl/Python, while working Dev Ops environment. Work with a variety of logging/system dashboard tools
• Providing technical leadership to DevOps teams
• Lead on-call responsibilities and addressing production issues
• Lead escalation management for production outages
• Describe the main duties/responsibilities and any tools/technology needed for this role? (A minimum of 6 sentences would be needed)
• Work with Software DevOps engineers along with product and engineering teams to streamline the build, deployment, on-call, and escalation management processes
• Design and drive the implementation of fully automated CI/CD pipelines
• Lead the monitoring, debugging, and enhancing pipelines for optimal operation and performance
• Lead troubleshooting, conducting root cause analysis and resolving a majority of the production issues
• Responsible for escalation management of production issues
• Lead the definition and measurement of KPIs for operational excellence
• Writing load tests per services and exercising them regularly
• Automation/configuration management using either Puppet, Chef or an equivalent
• Provide quick, reliable, and easy to interpret script results and dashboard reports to raise awareness of operational overhead
• Lead the setup of development, staging, demo, and production environments
• Lead the cross-functional collaboration efforts to improve the overall team velocity  Is industry experience needed for this role and why? No but having Production experience with leading DevOps tasks for web-services supporting 5K+ QPS, 10K+ Events per second, $1B+ in transactions, and systems processing 10TB+ data, will be helpful. 
• What are “must-have” skills for this role? Dev Ops , Puppet, Jenkins , Docket
• Years of experience required for each skill? 4 years in each skill. Looking for someone having 9 + years of Dev Ops experience
• What are some “nice-to-have” skills and why? Next level of nice to have, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Kafka, Hadoop, Redis, Nagios, and Grafana. Familiarity with Go ecosystem and modern Java 8/9 JVM and ecosystem 

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Central Business Solutions, Inc
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