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HDP Solution Architect

Omaha, NE
Position Role/Tile: HDP Solution Architect
Location: Omaha, NE​​.

Skills required: Health Check, Hive, HBase, Data Ingestion
  • Cluster Health Check – A Client consultant will review the customer's HDP installation on 1 (one) production cluster (PHBA001) with approximately 42 nodes – (Client Architect - 80 hours)
    • Install Smart Sense
    • Review current and future use case and data architecture and design with the customer including:
      • The potential to use Hive with certain use cases
      • Is HBase the right tool for certain use cases?
    • Review hardware and Client software configurations based on current and projected utilization and load
    • Assess cluster utilization and utilization patterns including HBase
    • Review current issues with customer including:
      • Issues with "catching up” with data ingestion when there is cluster downtime
      • Issues ingesting data from Open TSDB
      • Query problems
    • Review data ingestion process and configuration
    • Review data transformation and enhancement processes
    • Review and analyze end user access and usage of cluster data
    • Assess current and recommended resource management (i.e., job scheduling, yarn queues)
    • Discuss capacity, sizing and growth strategy
    • Document current and future state recommendations based on the above assessment
    • Assist customer in resolving any critical issues as time allows

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