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CDH Security Solution Consultant

San Jose, CA
Position Role/Tile: CDH Security Architect
Location: San Jose, CA.​

  • Cluster Security Discovery & Audit
    • Review security layers including, perimeter security and client communications to the cluster
    • Review cluster wide port requirements and configuration
    • Security Configuration
      • Review Authentication Setup, including Kerberos and KDC
      • Review LDAP design and integration with Hadoop
      • iReview Sentry
  • User to group mappings
  • Authorization model
      • Review users and roles setup, for RBAC
    • Cloudera Navigator
      • Review service plug-ins
      • Review audit logging settings on filesystem
      • Review communication between agents and audit store
    • Firewall Settings
      • Review datasource and firewall settings
      • Review Edgenode configuration to support business requirements
      • Review 3rd party tools integration settings for business users
      • iv. Identify and document ports list
    • Application Analysis
      • Review current CICD pipelines
      • Review applications integration with Hadoop
    • Data Management
      • Review current data management policies
      • Review fine grained data access controls
      • iReview data ingress and egress requirements, including to external systems
    • Edgenode Management
      • Review edgenode configuration and network settings
      • Review data ingress and egress policy settings
      • Generate configuration recommendations
    • Cloud Management
      • Assist to review configurations for data ingress/egress
      • Review security controls for vulnerability
  • Best Practices & Recommendations
    • Generate Hadoop vulnerability report
    • Data Management
      • Document data management, security configuration and control findings
      • Document process and policy configuration for business requirements
    • Security Controls
      • Document potential risks and security gaps, including limiting CLI access
      • Document remediation recommendations
      • Provide industry best practices on tooling and/or process updates, to support business requirements
  • Hand-Off
    • Provide knowledge transfer for security audit and controls
    • Hand-off recommendation and remediation documents

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