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AWS Devops Engineer

Remote, Remote
Job Title : AWS Devops Engineer
Location : Remote ​

  • Setting up jboss clustering on AWS
  • Skills – AWS, DevOps, jboss experience, terraform, codedeploy, s3, role bases access management etc
  • Duration – 3 to 4 weeks
  • Since short term, open for onshore local, onshore remote or offshore
  • Ideal start date – 12/9
 Client runs a 3-tier  monolithic SaaS solution for their AppSec Platform.
Their App Tier is based on JBoss EAP 7.1. There is a F5 load balancer between the Web and App Tier which is performs health checks and distributes the load in round-robin fashion with sticky sessions. 
More recently , the F5 health check has been failing and as a result F5 is marking the App Servers as unhealthy for service. So, as the workload is still in data center , they are trying to solve the problem with JBoss clustering and additional home-grown solution for customized health checks.
Client is on fast track to migrate this payload to AWS. As a first step their storage solution is now  moved to S3 and they are in the process of migrating their data on NetApp to S3.
This process is expected to be completed by next 5-6 weeks.
After that they had planned to migrate the Compute and DB workload which will bring the migration program to completion.
To ensure that the JBoss clustering works after this migration, client wants to solve this problem in their AWS QA environment with an approach that is thoroughly vetted and validated.
The main reason for their concern is that in data center the clustering works based on MultiCasting and AWS VPCs does  not support them.
Given that there are multiple approaches to solve this in AWS (Network overlay , S3/Native S3 ping, JDBC ping), client wants to vet these approaches and implement the one that is stable and maintainable.

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