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Logistics/Warehouse Consultant

Milpitas, CA
Position Role/Tile: Logistics/Warehouse Consultant
Location: Milpitas, CA​​​ ​​.

6+ months

Contractor to work take over existing inventory and warehouse duties consisting of: receiving, shipping and inventory. Keep warehouse area organized with an emphasis on customer service and fulfilling all requests as rapidly and courteously as possible.
Organize existing and new orders by Project and receive/ship as requested to fulfill global IT projects.

Working on ServiceNOW process for managing asset and inventory tracking of infrastructure hardware and the projects supported by that hardware (HW). Infrastructure hardware can consist of: routers, switches, phones, UPS and many other IT equipment.

Job Requirements/Qualifications
Receiving equipment and documenting what has been received. Create shipping requests as needed by various IT teams and see that schedules are not impacted due to shipping issues. Some time spent in the warehouse inspecting and labeling pallets of parts to be shipped to their ultimate destination.
There is an expectation that boxes will need to be moved a short distance, rarely, and with no lifting of boxes over 70lbs.

Goal of this position
To create a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for HW inventory tracking process.

Issues to Resolve
Various IT departments are funding projects with differing sets of HW. These requests result in HW shipping to Great Oaks. This HW gets transferred to the Bldg-07 warehouse space. This individual must develop a process to check in the various pieces of HW, place them within the space, track them and perform asset tracking. Then ship the HW out to meet time schedules determined by the Project Manager and respective teams.
Some part suppliers are not labeling boxes and we need to define the process and responsibility of the vendor to resolve this issue.
Surprise arrival of large shipments causes incomplete acceptance of shipments at the receiving doc.
Assembling complete information to ensure all parts ordered are in fact received.
Maintain current status on all HW in the warehouse and which projects each item relates to is fundamental to succeeding in this role.

1. Collecting from the vendor the appropriate documentation
a. Scope and SOW documents, Bill of Materials, Packing slips
b. Project plan with milestones, dependencies and resource(s) attached to each task
2. Organizing the warehouse so that when asked you can locate any/all parts associated to the Project in question. Asset tracking and capably locating parts ordered for the project.
a. Tracking vendor invoice, serial number and shipping information
b. Organizing and tracking inventory by pallet and where that pallet resides on the X / Y axis. This axis is located on the walls and pillars within the warehouse. Being able to locate the ultimate destination information is critical. There can be no confusion when shipping equipment out to various global destinations.

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