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Senior Data Integration Engineer

Eden Prairie, MN
Position Role/Tile: Senior Data Integration Engineer
Location: Eden Prairie, MN.

- Commercial cloud (Azure) based data platform that can serve both Care Delivery Organization (CDO) level data warehouse / data mart needs as well as to feed, transform and store clinical and administrative data for the Optum Care Enterprise at a national level.
- Integration and distribution of data through a single platform, with that platform being a high-performance, highly scalable, elastic and highly secure commercial cloud will enable labor, infrastructure and non-cap tech savings across all participating CDO's as well as in the Optum Care national level.

Ideal Background:
- Healthcare data background, especially provider data (versus payer data), including clinical data.
- Experience with FHIR is highly desirable.
- Experience and deep background in various methods of ETL is required.
- Programming and full-stack development experience would be a great addition.

Top Requirements:
- Healthcare specific data knowledge, FHIR, ETL.

Function Description:
- Functions may include database architecture, engineering, design, optimization, security, and administration; as well as data modelling, big data development, Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) development, storage engineering, data warehousing, data provisioning and other similar roles.
- Responsibilities may include Platform-as-a-Service and Cloud solution with a focus on data stores and associated eco systems.
- Duties may include management of design services, providing sizing and configuration assistance, ensuring strict data quality, and performing needs assessments.
- Analyzes current business practices, processes and procedures as well as identifying future business opportunities for leveraging data storage and retrieval system capabilities.
- Manages relationships with software and hardware vendors to understand the potential architectural impact of different vendor strategies and data acquisition.
- May design schemas, write SQL or other data markup scripting and helps to support development of Analytics and Applications that build on top of data.
- Selects, develops and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.

Core Tasks:
- Maintain, improve, clean, and manipulate data in the business's operational and analytics databases
- Design and deploy data platforms across multiple domains ensuring operability
- Transform data for meaningful analyses
- Improve data efficiency, reliability and quality
- Create data enrichment
- Build high performance
- Ensure data integrity
- Create and manage data stores at scale
- Ensure data governance - security, quality, access and compliance.

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