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Senior Data Analyst/Architect

Eden Prairie, MN
Job Title : Senior Data Analyst/Architect
Location: Eden Prairie, MN.

Expertise in Provider domain.
Proven ability to Client new information, form conclusions and support decision-making.
Self-starter who can embrace challenges and take initiatives for difficult tasks.
Experience working with large datasets from various sources.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Experience in collecting data requirements, data exploration, ingesting, cleansing, transformation and modeling.
Strong technical skills.
Strong proficiency with SQL.
Advance query writing skills.
Experience in Data Integration methods such as ETL/ELT/ELTL, Data Pipeline etc.
Knowledge of best practices, schema management and CRUD operations.
Experience with Python.
Basic understanding of data science.
Experience in Data Life Cycle(DLC) such as Data Acquisition, Data Curation, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Normalization, Data Externalization Pattern etc.
Experience in Data Analytics such as Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics is most preferred
Lead data analyst experience.

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