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Data Modeler

Orlando, FL
Position Role/Tile: Data Modeler
Location: Orlando, FL. 


o            Data Warehouse modeler (obviously) with intent for Compose use
•            Note that Compose doesn't take in a data-vault or Kimball type model, it takes a logical model and uses that to add ETL to in the tooling
o            MUST - Experienced in mainframe (db2) analysis to produce target model to be used by Qlik Compose
•            DB2 was originally vsam, then moved to db2 without proper relationship structuring
•            CICS screen oriented tables with many-many with many null columns, both from software and from lack of good/complete user input
o            MUST Data analysis (profiling for key relationship understanding, relationship construction based on null key values)
o            MUST Communication skills with mainframe folks, speaking the vernacular and able to deal with resistance

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