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Analytics Practitioner

Houston, TX
Position Role/Tile: Analytics Practitioner
Location: Houston, TX.


Heavy lifting - Most of our boxes are around 50lbs. Requests and incoming data can be anywhere from 1 - 75 boxes at a time.
Filing - We have an onsite file room and filing can include reaching overhead and bending down.
Data entry - Each item can have anywhere from 15-30 metadata attributes and most of which need to be entered manually. This requires a very strong attention to detail; one wrong number or letter can cause us to not be able to locate requested items in the future.
Research - When a requestor is looking for something, it is our job to run queries in the database to attempt to locate the requested items as well as communicate with the requestor when more information is needed.
Adaptation - We manage so many types of data and get so many types of requests that we rarely work on the same type of data/tasks for very long at a time.

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