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Bioinformatics Engineer

Austin, TX
Position Role/Tile: Bioinformatics Engineer
Location: Austin, TX​.


Strong BioSciences / BioTechnology / Bioinformatics background. Should have in depth knowledge about genetics and proteomics.
Strong working knowledge of relational Databases including PL / SQL. Knowledge of NoSQL Databases not mandatory, but preferable.
Strong working knowledge of Linux systems.
Strong working knowledge of programming languages. Preferably PERL and Java. Python is acceptable
Knowledge about Hadoop and Big Data is preferable, not mandatory.
Please also note:
There is always some confusion about another skill set – viz., Data Scientist. That is actually a different role. That is more about Machine Learning and AI. We are not really that heavy on Client.
The optimal experience level for this role is 2 – 5 years. I have recently got quite a few resumes with many decades of scientific expertise, but little to no software experience. This role is more software heavy.

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