Performance Architect

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
Date Posted: 10-21-2017
Position Role/Tile: Performance Architect 
Location: San Francisco, CA.

One (1) full time resource ( "Resident Architect”) for the period of 160 (one hundred and sixty) hours upon commencement of services. Resident Architect will act as an extension of the Customer team and work on, but not limited to, Pete-BI and Pete-Analytics Cluster and applications as mutually agreed upon by Customer. Responsibilities may include the following:

Below is a list of high-level details of the tasks to be performed for the project.
• Performance Tuning
o Review cluster deployment pre-requisites and systems architecture
o Review cluster configuration, capacity consumption, workload, and overall health
o Review application SLA's, schedules, and runtimes to include:
Application level run times and capacity requirements
Job level run times and capacity requirements
Data access volume and latency requirements
Cluster and service availability
o Review application processes, services, and code design for ingest, transformation, and access
o Review, analyze, and make recommendations to improve service function specifically for Hbase, Phoenix, and Spark
o Review, analyze, and make recommendations to improve the Ingest Process, in reference to SLA's
o Review, analyze, and make recommendations to improve Data Access, in reference to SLA's
o Review, analyze, and make recommendations for improving aggregate workload
• Capacity Planning
o Review systems architecture
o Baseline cluster performance with Terasort and other benchmarking tools
o Review and analyze existing aggregatn schedules in Oozie
o Determine current resource requirements for existing applications
o Gather requirements on additional projece workload
o Review and analyze existing applicatio
ts to be deployed by the end of 2017
o Determine additional resource requirements for projects to be deployed by the end of 2017
o Provide Capacity Management plan to include:
Systems Architecture Capacity recommendations for the current state and for the addition of 2017 projects to include but not be limited to:
• Node additions
• Memory upgrades
• Network changes
Workload redistribution recommendations to improve capacity efficiency and or application run-times
• Provide Recommendations and Best Practices for:
o YARN and Cluster Resource Management
o Configuration Management of Hbase, Phoenix, and Spark
o Resource Management of Hbase, Phoenix, and Spark
o Application and Job design
o Cluster Workload Management
• Document Recommendations and Best Practices in:
o Performance Tuning Assessment
o Capacity Assessment

Project Assumptions
• Hardware and environment configurations comply with HDP minimum standards.
• Compliant hardware is installed, available, racked, and networked and operating system is installed before the project start date
• All of the work will be executed on a single cluster environment
• Hortonworks will have direct access to the cluster resources in completing any tool installation and administration activities.
• Hortonworks will not be directly performing changes to the cluster.
• Customer will provide a full list of Applications, Jobs, Users, and Business units that are running on the analyzed cluster.
• Customer will provide SLA requirements for the Applications in terms of availability, run-time, and or access latency, as appropriate to the Application, Job and Service
• Customer will provide an application workload schedule for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, ad hoc jobs, and data access requests
• Customer is orchestrating application execution through Oozie
• Customer will test recommended changes prior to promoting to production cluster
• Customer will provide a window for running Terasort to baseline cluster performance

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