HDP Cluster Review & Migration Planning

Location: San Diego, CA, United States
Date Posted: 10-25-2017
Position Role/Tile: HDP Cluster Review & Migration Planning 
Location: San Diego, CA.

HDP Cluster Review & Migration Planning
In support of the HDP cluster migrations, Consultant
will install and configure a HDP 2.6 cluster and assist customer to migrate
subset (1 month) of data for application validation. Consultant will
complete the following tasks to create a successful migration plan based on a
subset of data identified by Research.
a)         Migration
Plan ­ Consultant will work with Customer to create a plan to migrate the
existing HDP 2.2 cluster to HDP 2.6.X or latest, including tasks, owners
and dependencies at the project level, typically grouped into the following
phases (not all may apply):
(1)       Pre-migration
(a)       Review
cluster architecture pre/post migration
(b)       Backup
configuration & collect service(s) statistics for validation
(c)       Backup
(d)       Review
customer readiness, including partitioning of existing cluster.
(2)       Review
HDP 2.6 build-out
(a)       Review
cluster configuration requirement post migration
(b)       Identify
cluster settings for optimal performance based on best practices
(3)       Migration
(a)       Partition
cluster for HDP 2.6 deployment; in parallel to older version
(b)       Identify
subset data migration plan for validation tests
(4)       Cluster
Validation Tests
(a)       Review
current statistics
(b)       Assist
customer to migrate jobs (API changes, new functionalities) from old
cluster to
new cluster
(c)       Review
and configure cluster settings for optimal performance
(5)       Hand-Off
2)         New HDP
2.6 Cluster Build & Migration
Consultant will work with customer to migrate the
existing cluster data to HDP 2.6.x or latest release and assist to verify
test, in order to validate existing workflows successfully.
a)         HDP
Migration Execution
i)          Review
current cluster metrics
ii)         Assist
to migrate data between clusters, may require a downtime/maintenance
window.  Window timing to be mutually
agreed upon by project team
(1)       Identify
subset of data for validation purposes across the two clusters
(2)       Review
jobs execution in current cluster, using the identified data
(3)       Document
plan for data migration which in turn may be used by Luth Research to move
remaining data.
iii)         Review
new HDP 2.6 cluster configuration settings
iv)        Data ingestion
­ Consultant will work with Customer to ingest/migrate mutually agreed
subset of data for application and use-cases testing purpose
(1)       Assist
to execute job verification tests and compare results
(2)       Review
cluster performance requirements and provide best practices
recommendations for
optimal performance
(3)       Assist
to validate data migration
v)         Consultant
will assist Customer to configure existing jobs to new HDP cluster and run
validation tests; document steps for Customer for any isuses that arise
workload testing.
vi)        Assist
to review and migrate Hadoop scheduler options
vii)       Consultant
will work with Customer application teams to assist in the resolution of
application issues encountered by possible changes to API signatures
(1)       Review
existing Hive jobs for migration assistance
(2)       Assist
to identify changes in Hive jobs for HDP 2.6
(3)       Review
job results from Customer, post HDP 2.6 migration
b)         HDP
i)          Document
in Run Book HDP cluster topology and configuration for Customer hand-off
ii)         Document
known steps tested to migrate data from old cluster
iii)         Document
job level changes for API signature errors/updates encountered during
iv)        Update
HDP support

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