Location: Nashville, TN, United States
Date Posted: 10-26-2017
Position Role/Tile: Architect 
Location: Nashville,TN.

Description :      
1.0       Discovery
1.         Assist Customer to define Ranger groups and permissions requirements related to access Hive and Zeppelin.
2.         Review Customer provided SQL Server database schema.
3.         Assist Customer to compose a product backlog with defined user stories.
1.         Client and Customer to jointly define the project scope and plan in detail.
2.         Customer resources will actively participate in all requirements sessions and provide timely feedback as needed.
3.         Client and Customer to jointly manage the product backlog.
4.         Product Backlog will be approved by Customer one (1) business day of submission for approval. 24

2.0       Data Ingestion Assistance
1.         Assist Customer to ingest data from one (1) SQL Server database, from up to twenty-five (25) tables, both one time and incremental, to HDFS and Hive.
1.         Customer to provide to Client all necessary access to the database and to the HDP cluster before the start of this task.
2.         Customer to provide to Client the business logic to identify incremental data ingestion for the twenty-five (25) in scope tables.
3.         SQL Server data will be ingested as is, with no transformations.
4.         Hive schema will match SQL Server database table schema. There will be no incompatible data types between Hive and SQL Server.
5.         Process will run periodically, to be scheduled by Customer and Client.
6.         Hive ACID will be enabled by Customer.         40

3.0       Configuration Assistance (Development and Production Clusters)
1.         Assist Customer to configure Ranger policies for Hive table access as per product backlog in task 1.0 above.
2.         Assist Customer with Zeppelin installation and configuration as per the product backlog in task 1.0 above.
3.         Assist Customer to promote Ranger configurations from the Development cluster to the Production cluster.
1.         In scope data sources will be limited to one (1) SQL Server database that will be ingested into HDP/Hive. 
2.         Customer responsible for all third-party software configurations.    96

4.0       Issue Resolution Activities Assistance
1.         Assist Customer with issue resolution activities as part of Customer performed testing activities in the Development and Production clusters.

1.         Testing will be performed on Zeppelin invoking SQL queries on Hive tables.            40

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