Assistant Teacher - 1

Location: Herndon, VA, United States
Date Posted: 02-10-2018
Job Title : Assistant Teacher - 1
Location: Herndon,VA.
Requisition #:7667724

Attain state mandated training hours utilizing your own time as necessary and follow all laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Assist in maintaining the room so that it is safe, orderly, clean, appealing, and facilitative of the children's growth, exploration and participation. Show respect for the individuality of each child in terms of developmental level, potential, talent and behavior of that child. Observe the child and interpret the child's needs. Provide an atmosphere of freedom within limits. Maintain realistic expectations for each child and allow for human variation. Avoid external rewards or motivations in order to foster internal growth. Consistent good example of desirable behavior for the children, following the ground rules of the class themselves, and exhibiting a sense of calm, consistency, grace and courtesy, and demonstrating respect for every child. Assist in being the peacemaker by modeling courteous behaviors and conflict resolution. Do not embarrass a child when dealing with parents or other professionals. Do not talk about the child in front of the child or others. Do not use professional relationship with a child for personal gain, or enter into a relationship that may compromise professionalism or the client/customer relationship. Do not discriminate against (or for) a child based on race, creed, color, religion or ability. Maintain confidential matters in a professional way. Flexible with hours to be worked. Focus on working as a team with the all teachers in the classroom and center. Show respect for and working closely with and taking directions from colleagues to ensure a positive Client experience. Assist in planning organized activities, individual, and group for times the lead teacher is out of the room. Take initiative and maintain a positive attitude. Uphold the NAEYC Ethics. Uphold the AMI Ethics. Uphold the Core values of Client.and NAEYC. Follow and demonstrate understanding of the Client. Montessori Children's Center and general company's policies and procedures. Attend to children's health, safety, and nutrition. Attend to the personal hygiene of each child, including changing diapers or soiled clothing and washing hands. Key responsibilities in classroom management will include: Assist organizing shelves and make sure they neat and dust free. Ensure all materials are complete for children, pencils sharpened and paper is readily available. Prepare for meals for the following day by obtaining cups, bowls and plates. Assist in cleaning and sanitizing dishware. Assist in cleaning tables are meals. Assist in preparing the room for nap time. Assist in putting away cots after nap time. Assist the children in preparing for extra-curricular activities, such as swim, dance and karate. Assist the children in preparing for outside play which includes applying sun-screen. Assist children in toileting, which may include diaper changing. Follow and complete tasks outlined in the daily and weekly checklists to ensure that the environment is prepared for the children. Physical demands: Must be able to lift 50 pounds (22.5Kg) Must be able to run after children. Must be able to sit on the floor with the children for long periods of time.

Patience, Flexibility, Good Communication and Listening Skills. Adaptable in stressful situations.

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