HDF Platform Architect

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Date Posted: 03-14-2018
Job Title : HDF Platform Architect
Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Job Description:
Each CDP Bundle includes a three-week engagement performed by the Client PSO team. 
During this three-week engagement Client use commercially reasonable efforts to complete the following tasks:

Architectural Review
Determine software layout to each server
Discuss sizing and data requirements
Discuss key points that will dictate software component selection andinstallation
Review and validate the installation platform: physical, cloud, or hybrid
Review and validate appropriate cluster sizing and capacity based on anticipated data ingestion volume and rate
HDP Installation

o Determine installation type
o V alidate environment readiness o Install Ambari agents

 HDP Installation and Deployment
o Use Ambari to deploy to the agreed-upon architecture up to 24 nodes (based the number of nodes under an active support subscription)
o Ensure smoke test worked on each subsystem o Shutdown and restart all services

HDP Cluster Tuning
o Configure cluster parameters based on hardware specification o Run benchmarking tools for establishing an initial baseline

High Availability

o Configure HA Name Node
o Configure HA Resource Manager
o Test HA Name Node and HA Resource Manager

 HDP Configurations Backup
o Backup important site xml les
o Backup Ambari server configurations
o Backup Ambari agent configurations
o Backup default Databases used by the cluster o Backup Hive meta store

HDF Installation

Install and configure HDF software components based on the number of active HDF support subscriptions
Configure HDF cluster tuning parameters based on best practices
HDF Operational Production Enablement
Enable HDF service monitoring and alerting mechanism capabilities
Enable HDF service components high-availability features
Data Flow Use Case
Deliver one (1) of the following Use Cases (selection of Use Case to be agreed upon between Client and the customer):
Log File Ingestion: This use case includes the ingestion of up to five individual log files into your pre-existing Hadoop cluster.
Splunk Optimization: This use case includes the application of pre-filtering logic to the content of two log files before it is streamed into Splunk. The filtering logic will only allow critical data to be forwarded into Splunk. All other non-critical data will be stored on the pre-existing Hadoop cluster. All filtering rules must be pre-approved by Client prior to the start of this work.
Streaming Analytics Feed: Accelerate big data ROI by streaming data (up to 3 files) into analytics systems such as Apache Storm or Apache Spark Streaming

Knowledge Transfer
Conduct a half-day session to conclude the engagement including the following: o HDP and HDF overview
o Demonstration of sample data flow
 Complete engagement summary document detailing activities performed anddelivered
 Project hand-off with Client technical support team scheduled and conducted
Client will work to achieve the following outcomes as part of the three-week engagement:
One fully operational HDP cluster on the deployment platform of customer choice One fully operational HDF cluster on the deployment platform of customer choice  One data flow use case using HDF

Client has made the following assumptions related to this professional services engagement. Client may be prevented from completing certain elements of the engagement if these assumptions are not valid:
The pre-engagement questionnaire has been completed and provided to Client.
Compliant hardware is installed, available, racked, and networked and operating system is installed before the project start date, if applicable.
Client professional services delivery will take place during three (3) consecutive weeks.
The work will be done within the bounds of a contiguous engagement.
For a cloud installation, access to cloud account information is required with sufficient privilege to create the required resources.
Client will have direct access to the cluster resources with sufficient privileges on system resources for installation and administration activities; this will ensure maximum efficiency in completing installation and administration activities.
Use case accelerators implementation will consist entirely of standard NiFi processors, and no custom processors will be developed as part of this effort. Please consult the appropriate NiFi documentation for a complete list of supported protocols and systems.
A Log file is any single file residing on a host system and includes files that are periodically rolled over, as is the case with application and syslogs.
Customer is running tested and certified versions of all stack components.
The amount of data being ingressed during this accelerator must be transferrable within a 24-hourperiod.
All data is scrubbed for security and privacy concerns and is prepared for ingestion at thesource.
HDP install uses default meta stores.
Connection to data source must be over minimum of 1Gbe (with 10Gbe being preferred).
There will be no planned work stoppages during this engagement, i.e., a production freeze, on-hold periods,etc. 

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