Java Documentum Developers

Location: Houston, TX, United States
Date Posted: 12-04-2018
Position Role/Tile: Java Documentum Developers
Location: Houston, TX .

The selected candidate will be responsible for developing a batch job that will:
1.Query an Oracle database to select records matching certain criteria. The records will contain Documentum folder IDs.
2. Utilizing DFC, or other existing services, fetch documents from Documentum associated with the Documentum folder IDs selected in step 1.
3. Export those files to Network Attached Storage (NAS) filesystem, organized by structure of records and internal Documentum folder structure.
4. Apply filesystem permissions to the exported data that correspond to the access rights present on those objects in Documentum.
This process must log progress intelligently and be capable of resuming from where it left off in case of interruption or failure. It will have to be capable of being run on a regular basis to keep the export location current with regard to the contents in Documentum, and may have to be capable of detecting when export of an object isn't necessary (E.g. the contents previously exported)
Primary Skill
Java Programming language
EMC Documentum
Basic knowledge of Oracle DB

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