Principal DBA - 2

Location: Santa Clara, CA, United States
Date Posted: 05-04-2017
Job Title : Principal DBA - 2
Location : Santa Clara, CA.
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Document and communicate database design. Adapt business requirements, developed by modeling/development staff and systems engineers, and develop the data, database specifications, and table and element attributes for an application, including stored/remote procedure calls. Code moderately complex to complex programs and derive logical processes on technical platforms. Build windows, screens and reports. Assist in the design of user interface and business application prototypes. Provide expertise in devising, negotiating and defending the tables and fields provided in the database. Determine how tables relate to each other and how fields interact within the tables for a relational model. Participate in quality assurance and develop test application code in client server environment. Install database management systems. Monitor file system space database allocation. Verify efficient use of disk storage; reclaim dead space; optimize space allocation and avoid out of space conditions. Refresh data from one environment to another at the request of the application development staff; execute necessary tasks to accomplish this, including export, drop, create, and import prescheduled time to minimize impact; provide application development staff optimal development environment with current data. Closely monitor performance; identify problems and implement solutions; ensure database is running at optimum speed and efficiency. Verify implementation of correct backup strategy; develop recovery procedures; support recovery from loss of data caused by user or system error. During times of emergencies, outages and project planned work; employees are expected to be on call and available until the event is addressed. During system conversions, extra effort may be required in order to ensure the roll out of the system is successful. Perform other job-related duties as assigned.
Expected to be fully versed in logical data modeling and how to translate it into physical database design. Expected to be able to convert object modeling concepts into relational work. Expected to be fully versed in JEAI, ETL, and SOA. Expected to understand and apply system management, performance timing and troubleshooting techniques. Use skills as a seasoned, experienced professional with a full understanding of industry practices and company policies and procedures; resolve a wide range of issues in imaginative as well as practical ways. Has knowledge and experience in one or more technology/language/application (e.g., SAP, EAI, ETL, SOA, C++. Java, XML, MS/SQL, Oracle) method, and approach and expanding to become being fully versed on all including emerging technologies, methods, and design considerations. Formal software, information and system engineering skills are acquired. Work with others to resolve problems, clarify or interpret complex information/policies, and provide initial screening/negotiations without approval authority. This job is the fully qualified, career-oriented, journey-level position.

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